VSTUDIO’s research strives towards the generation of spaces where a high quality of living is possible, allowing customers to feel comfortable and welcome in an environment created to suit their needs with great attention to detail.

Hence the decision to develop a new design strategy, attentive to the needs of today’s society: every customer is guided in planning and developing personalised spaces that will be refined by the presence of potted plants and flowers, specifically chosen to adapt to each environment according to its peculiarities through the help of professionals.

VSTUDIO firmly believes that the relationship with nature is a basic human need and that being surrounded by greenery is beneficial not only in terms of environmental health but also improves the quality of every individual’s life.


We offer to design projects at architectural scale, following the design process with care and attention from the initial concept phase to the on-site construction management, focusing on the project’s sustainability.


We offer services of interior design for residential and office buildings, with a wide range of solutions: choice of the materials, lighting placement, bespoke furniture design, plants and flowers placing, etc…


We offer to guide our customers in their choices, formulating proposals based on their preferences and giving them all the necessary information to generate a project that suits their needs.